About Us

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Where it all began

Let's take it back to 1970's Liverpool. We started out with the "American Burger Bar" on London Road. Our burger recipe was created there, and is still the same to this day. A few years later, we moved to Renshaw Street as Uncle Sam's, opposite the famous Lewis's of Liverpool. At Uncle Sam's on Renshaw Street, our fish pond and giant teddy bear provided entertainment for families along with good food served in big portions at great prices.

restaurant, liverpool, tasty, food, fun, friendly, service, ribs, burgers, steaks, renshaw, pizza

The move to Bold Street

In 2008, Uncle Sam's relocated to the wonderful Bold street.  Bold Street is located in the heart of Liverpool city centre, and is famously known for having the most independent small and large businesses. This bohemian feeling street was perfect for us, and we have been here ever since. Of course, the times have changed and restaurants are forever on the up, so we adapted our menu to please all customers.


Uncle Sam’s Bold Street Restaurant in Liverpool brings together the best of American, Italian-American and Tex-Mex cuisine, with big burgers, New York style pizzas and Cajun spiced dishes.There’s loads of classics on offer with a choice of hefty steaks, traditional Italian lasagne and some of the best Ribs you’ll taste this side of the Atlantic. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, there’s our Uncle Sam’s Burger Challenge that invites you to try and finish off an extra-large beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, onion rings and fries. If you manage to clean your plate, not only will you get your meal for free, you’ll also get a unique medal and your picture on our wall of fame!